Long term relationships are based on transparent agreements.


Here you can see a detailed presentation on “how we work” and the resources we have for production.

/ We believe in the triangle of love to approach any project. The triangle is money, time and creative freedom. We understand that is not always possible to have these 3 conditions but we need at least 2 of them in order to deliver beautiful work to our clients.

/ The usual stages of a stop motion production go like this:

1. Concept / Idea / Script

2. Art direction / Choosing of materials, colors & style

3. Storyboard / Animatics (moving version of the storyboard)

> Until this point we insist a lot on getting it clear and approved before moving on to the building and animation phase. The reason is that after this point, going back can really change the timing & budget of the project.

4. Building of the set, props and characters

5. Animation

6. Post production


/ Before we start working, the client will get a budget proposal based on the time, the animation technique, the necessary materials and the kind of exposure the project will have. The client has to agree in writing before we start working.

/ For projects over 5K we request an advanced payment of 40%. This payment should be made before we start working.

/ After the project is completed we’ll send an invoice that should be paid within the next 15 business days.

/ In the extraordinary situation where the client doesn’t like the final result, the total amount of the budget must be paid anyway. This scenario is very unlikely since there are many steps at the beginning of the process precisely to avoid this.

/ In the case that the project is stopped after the stages 1-2-3, for any kind of reason, 50% of the budget must be paid anyway.


We don’t deliver source files. In case the client really needs them this will be an extra cost to be discussed depending of the type of project.

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