Google Doodle – 20th Anniversary

BEHIND THE SCENES Google Doodle 20th Anniversary Best. Project. Ever! We partnered again with the amazing animation team at Mediamonks to make the 20th anniversary of Google very special with a Google Doodle! Can you believe that we've only had Google for 20 years? Hard to imagine life without it, am I right? PRODUCTION MediaMonks… Read More

Amazon Launchpad

BEHIND THE SCENES Amazon Launchpad Amazon Launchpad is a springboard for startups to bring new products to market. To promote the impressive offer of products + consumers you can find on Launchpad, we collaborated with Mediamonks to create part of an hybrid animation showcasing the marketplace of the future. Echoing the variety of startups and… Read More

Clipper – Flavour that Sings

BEHIND THE SCENES Clipper "Flavour that Sings" This stunning all paper illustration was made by Studio Noa Verhofstad, we had the placer to work again with her and made this animation for Clipper. The original film was made to display on billboards all over the UK. This is an online version we made so you… Read More

WMF – FUNctionals

WMF FUNctionals We are very excited to announce our first project with Parasol Island. They made the whole campaign for this new line of products of WMF FUNctionals and we collaborated together on these product films using a combination of our 2 favourite techniques; stop motion and cel animation. AGENCY Serviceplan Campaign 1 GmbH PRODUCTION… Read More

KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival – Leader 2015

KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival Leader 2015 We were very lucky to be asked to make the leader of the 2015 KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival edition. Is all about handmade/traditional animation, this a tribute to getting your hands dirty, and enjoying the act of creating life. LINKS If you would like to see the leader click… Read More